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Welcome To The Hits Man

The Hits Man Is Offering A Great Deal For A Short Time So Get It While You Can!.

Here's the deal:

1. One permanent text link with no more than 30 characters and spaces count, on multiple sites index pages, and sub-sites for the life of the sites, meaning your permanent text link will be on the sites as long as the sites are up and running live... Details and a site list of the sites your link will be placed on...

2. I will send unlimited traffic to your domain you provide for one month from one of my best and trusted traffic sources, and send you the tracking url that my source sends me, so you will know who is landing on your site, that's 30 days of unlimited Traffic! Traffic will come from social media traffic, search traffic, other websites ect. No China Bots!!! You'll see where your traffic is coming from with your own tracking link. I will send your tracking url to your Paypal email or another one if you provide one upon purchase with a message in PayPal... Note: 100 to 300 visitors per day or more up to 100.000 plus views, the traffic will keep coming until you have received 100.000 plus views...

3. A huge list of search engine from around the world that will let you submit yourself. Huge Search Engine List!

4. Backlinks are very important to let search engines to see that your site is a high autority site. Huge Backlink List!

I will only be offering this on the bases that I'm trying to keep up with orders, so when you see Disabled! Means I'm not Accepting Orders at this time and when I get caught up, you will see Accepting Orders Now in red! I will only have this offer Disabled for a day or more just to fulfill my orders and resume as soon as I'm caught up, so get this while the disabled is not showing to get in on this huge traffic deal I'm offering. Only offering 0 orders a day. When the 0 orders are reached, I will disable the PayPal button until I can fulfill the orders.

While purchasing with PayPal, leave a message before you pay, and please send me your domain name, text link of no more than 30 characters...

This is what you'll get if you take advantage of this great deal I'm offering:

1.Your domain name will be added to multiple websites here and sub-sites index pages for the life of the sites!

2. I will purchase 100.000 traffic views from one of my best and trusted traffic sources, and send you the tracking url!

3. I was offering to submit your url to over 100 search engines, but the script quit working, so now I'm offering a huge search engine list for you to submit your sites to. Huge Search Engine List!

4. Want backlinks? A Huge List of backlink generators free. Huge Backlink List!

You'll get all the above within 4 business days, because before the traffic starts, it takes a couple of days for your domain to start receiving hits. So I have to tell you it will be within 2 to 4 days to get it all going, sometimes 5, so keep this in mind when ordering. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me with the contact link above...

Get this great deal now at this special price for only $19.95! This price will go up depending on the rush and the demand of visitors wanting it... The Hits Man cant guarantee you'll get purchases, or member signups, but you will get the traffic promised to you...

Go Ahead An Order Below!

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